Spring Fayre Stall Holders
Essential information

WBR Xmas Market Poster

The Spring Fayre, supported by Hammersmith & Fulham Council and opened by the LBHF Mayor, is a full, temporary street closure event and will have Market Stalls, Street Food, Arts & Crafts, Music, Games and more right on the Wandsworth Bridge Road!


11.00 – 17.00


The Spring Fayre is on Wandsworth Bridge Road from the junction at Ryecroft Street to the junction of Narborough Street. There will be a small stage set up at the Hazlebury Road junction for music. (see maps below)

The Fayre area will include a variety of sections; Shopping, Arts & Crafts; Street Food; Music; Fun Fair stalls and Children’s Games; Heritage and History.

If you haven’t done so already, register to take part here.

Layout of the spring fayre

Market Map-may

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Christmas Market map

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LBHF Parking and Highways will divert traffic along alternate routes, while leaving local access only.

Things we need from you

In order to secure your place at the WBR Spring Fayre you must complete the following two steps:


  1. Provide all relevant documentation
    We must have copies of all required documents (see below) no later than Monday 25th April.
  2. Pay your invoice for Stall / Space hire
    We will send you an invoice once we have confirmed your reservation with you.
    Final payment to secure your stall must be received no later than Friday 15th April.

Required Documents

From 10am there will be council officers checking TEN licences and Food Hygiene certificates, safety documents, etc. Please ensure you have all relevant documentation ready! This includes all of the items already mentioned above plus any gas cylinder safety certificates.

Public Liability Insurance
All traders offering or selling goods, are required to provide a copy of Public Liability Insurance. Cover should be of minimum £5,000.000. Single-Day Stall holder insurance cover can be obtained for around £23 from: https://www.cmtia.co.uk/featured/insurance-cover or from:  https://www.nmtf.co.uk.

Food Hygiene Certificate
If you are selling or offering food, you will need to have a Food Hygiene Certificate (ideally Level 2 or above) If you don’t have one, please see this link to an online course. It only takes couple hours to complete and costs £20+vat: https://www.highspeedtraining.co.uk/food-hygiene

DBS Certificate
If you are working with children in any capacity we will require a copy of your DBS certificate.

Please provide these as soon as possible via the form below.

Temporary Events Notice Licence (TEN)
If you are selling alcohol you will need to apply for a Temporary Events Notice Licence (TEN) via LBHF Council. Please obtain this as soon as possible as it takes at least 10 working days to be processed by the Council. (However, we will need to specify the location of your stall first, so please speak to us before applying). We will require a copy of the licence by Monday 9th May and you must bring a copy with you on the day:  http://www.lbhf.gov.uk/Directory/Business/Licences_and_street_trading/Licensing_a_z/178372_Temporary_Event_Notice.asp

Once you have this you can upload via the form below.


We aim to make this event as Green as possible. For those who can, we encourage to you to come to the Fayre on public transport. Of course we appreciate that you may need to bring your goods in a vehicle.

9:30am access

You will be able to access the area to set up from 9:30am only. Before this time the road is reserved for the stall hire and stage hire companies to erect all their equipment. If you arrive before 9:30 you will not be given access.

From 9:30 you can come in and begin setting up your goods. If you are driving you will have access to the road from 9:30am only. On arrival our stewards will point you to the correct location. Once you have unloaded your equipment please drive back down the road where security will indicate to you where to park. Speed limit is 5mph and please have your warning lights on. There will be a lot of people on the road!

NB. All vehicles must leave the Fayre-section of the road no later than 10am.

We ask you to allow enough time to be ready to start by 10:45am.

After the event

We have VERY limited time to clear the road after the event as we have to reopen the road by 7:30pm. This means we require you to clear your stall as quickly as possible.

Please make sure you have fully packed up your goods and taken your rubbish and recycling to the bins BEFORE fetching your vehicle (if you have one). Stalls and Stage will begin to be dismantled from 5:30pm.

You will be able to access the road to load your vehicles but again we ask you to clear the road as soon as possible by 5:30pm. Speed limit is 5mph and please have your warning lights on. Again there will be a lot of people on the road!


We ask you to keep the area around your stall tidy and to manage all your own rubbish and recycling. There will be large rubbish bins at all road junctions and we ask you to empty your own rubbish into these.

There will be a First Aid and Lost & Found marquee near the centre of the Fayre near the Sainsbury’s Local at 132 Wandsworth Bridge Road, SW6 2UL.

If you need to contact security, litter pickers or one of the organisers please ask any of the yellow vest stewards at each junctions who will be in constant radio-contact with the team.

There will be a professional photographer taking photos of the event between 11:30 and 2:30. We are hoping to make these available after the event. 


On Sundays there are no parking restrictions. The closest parking zones are Q and Z. You can see these zones here.

However do bear in mind there is a camera controlled traffic scheme on the east side of Wandsworth Bridge Road. The whole area is accessible but if your vehicle is not registered in Hammersmith and Fulham borough you will be fined £60 if you cross the camera points. These camera points are shown on this map here.

To avoid this we can pre-register your vehicle for exemption. 

Click map to enlarge

HIRING stalls

We are happy to provide Market Stalls at cost for vendors who wish to use them. These will be pre-built, erected in the morning and ready for use on your arrival. This is a non-profit event and so all fees from stalls go directly towards the costs of hire.

Stalls hire info:

All stalls include built in table and covering. (See images below). Table Skirts and stall ‘Backsheets’ are available for those who need them.

  • Stall Size:  All stalls have a table area of 10 feet wide x 4 feet deep (3.05m x 1.22m) with a canopy cover that extends over making the overall size 10ft x 10ft (3.05m x 3.05m). Height to the table is 2’ 6” (.76m) (see images below)
  • Hire Cost:  £50 per stall (£60 per stall for non-WBR / non-local businesses)

Note: Stalls are connected to their neighbour a minimum of 2 or 3 in a row. We will leave gaps between these groupings where possible for access and security.

Use your own marquee:

If you have your own marquee or pop-up you are welcome to use that instead. We will provide an empty space for this.

  • Cost:  £25 (£30 for non-WBR / non-local businesses) for a 10ft wide x 10ft (3.05m x 3.05m) deep space.

Please note: Refunds (minus £2 admin) will only be processed if you cancel at least 4 weeks before the event (17th April) – any cancellations after 17th April can not be refunded.

    Example of stalls – click images to enlarge

    Download social media images

    Download a set of images to use on your social media to help promote your involement at the event. These include 10 images at the correct sizes to use on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

    When posting be sure to use the hashtag #wbrSpringFayre and please tag the Wandsworth Bridge Road Association @WBRAssociation so we can like / share. Also, please follow us on our social media via the links at the top of this site. 

    Social Media assets samples

    Top tips to have a successful day

    Here are some Top Tips on how to make the most of the day

    • Be prepared – arrive early, ensuring you have plenty of time to set up and be prepared.
    • Setting up to sell – always take a look at your stand from across the road, not standing at it. Make sure it looks good from afar, to entice people to come have a look.
    • Optimise your ‘Brand’ – having a well thought out brand, (your logo, marketing materials, signage, colour schemes, etc) the more professional you will look and the more ‘trust’ your customers will have in your products. Encourage them to follow you on social media. 
    • Weather – Don’t worry about bad weather – juste be prepared. if it’s wet, just make sure you have waterproofs ready; if you’re comfy you’ll be a lot more in the right frame of mind to sell. Equally, if it’s really sunny and warm have a sunhat and sunscreen! May can be unpredictable so come dressed for the weather that day.
    • Cash float – never overlook the importance of having a healthy CASH float at the start of the day, avoid having to run around looking for change!
    • Battery power – if you’re selling via card readers make sure you have enough battery power, or spare  charger packs, to last the day. You don’t want to lose battery power halfway through!
    • Bring a ‘just-in-case’ toolkit – it’s a good idea to plan ahead for the unforeseen. Have some things like bungee cords, tape, scissors, marker pens, blu-tack, etc. just in case you suddenly need them. Also, have plenty of bags if using them (for customers to take away from the stall). Have a cash till/box/pouch to keep your money in! 
    • Help out your customers – make it easy for them with everything clearly priced and easily understood. If you are selling jewelry, hats, or clothing provide a mirror so they can see themselves.
    • Think Green! – having eco-friendly, sustainable consumables are now the norm / expected. Please avoid single use plastic! Use paper bags, wooden cutlery, recyclable cups, provide recycle bins for your consumables (taster spoons/sticks, cups, etc). We strongly believe in a green economy and encourage you to make sustainable choices too.
    • Smiles make Sales – Joy is infectious – So have FUN! The more you can make people smile, the more joy you spread, the more they will like you and your products! Chat to people to find out what interests them; the more you can ask them questions the easier it is to genuinely connect to people. If they feel connected they are more likely to buy.
    • Network – talk to the other stall holders, introduce yourself, offer them discounts, share your experiences and learn from one another. Create those invaluable business-to-business connections.
    • Work the street – Feel free to offer vouchers, flyers, discounts or give something away for free (to entice people over to your stand). Or encourage people to come back with a discount voucher on a future purchase.

    Raise your profile with sponsorship

    Raise your profile at the event by sponsoring a section of the Fayre – We have numerous opportunities available for Sponsorship; from face painters, the Maypole, Picnic benches, Straw bales, Children’s games area, musicians and more. Please email us at info@wbrassociation.org.uk for more details and to see how we can help sell your brand at the Fayre.

    Tell us how it went

    After the day, tell us what you thought of the WBR Spring Fayre. Email us with your views: info@wbrassociation.org.uk.

    Upload your required documents

    Please provide all required documents here. We must have these in order to secure your place at the Spring Fayre.
    (If you are returning and just need to upload your TEN Licence click here)

    TEN Licence

    Once you have obtained your TEN Licence please upload here

    All data is held securely in accordance with our Privacy Policy and is GDPR compliant. Your data is never shared with 3rd parties.

    Supported by Hammersmith & Fulham Council

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    Terms and Conditions


    You agree to provide all relevant documentation to us no later than Monday 25th April, 2022. Failure to provide required documents may result in the cancellation of your reservation. Documents may include copies of: Liability Insurance, Food Hygiene Certificate, DBS Certificate, TEN (Temporary Events Notice) Licence or any other documentation requested.


    You agree to pay your stall / space hire fees no later than Friday 15th April, 2022 in order to secure your reservation. Late payment may result in cancellation of your reservation.


    You agree to be set up and ready to trade by 10:45am. Please ensure you allow enough time to set up.


    All stall holders are responsible for the management of their own rubbish and recycling on the day and must place it in the designated areas, leaving nothing behind on the road.


    If you require power you are advised to use battery power where possible as we will not provide or allow generators, to help keep this event at green as possible. If you are a visiting stall holder and require electricity we will endeavour to put you in touch with an existing business on the street to connect to their supply. Please note they may charge a nominal fee for this. Any business on the road supplying power to a stall, their own or others, takes full responsibility for the supply and must ensure all cables are secure, safe and meet Health and Safety requirements.

    Gas Equipment

    Gas equipment can be used on site as long as traders have with them up to date safety documentation/certification and can demonstrate that the cylinders are secured.

    Cancellation and Refunds

    Refunds (minus a £2 admin fee) will only be processed if you cancel at least four weeks before the event (by Sunday 17th April 2022). Any cancellations after 17th April 2022 will not be refunded.

    The Wandsworth Bridge Road Association (WBRA) reserves the right to cancel the event or individual bookings. In the unlikely event of the WBRA cancelling the event you will be issued with a full refund for your stalls hire. The WBRA will not be held liable for any losses incurred.

    Impact Assessment

    As per of our funding agreement with Hammersmith and Fulham Council we will be conducting a survey after the event for your feedback. This information will be held securely in accordance with GDPR. Hammersmith and Fulham Council ask for the names of the local businesses taking part and their trading addresses. By taking part in this event you agree for us to share your name and business address with the council.