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How to register a vehicle for free access through the CAN cameras

Visitors can drive to any street and avoid the cameras. If for some reason your visitor still needs to pass a camera or does so by accident, the simplest and fastest way to book them in is through the RingGo App (see instructions below). You can also register them after they’ve been, up until midnight on the same day.

Hotline to book in visitors without using the App

Some residents don’t use apps or the internet, so LBHF have set up a dedicated seven-day hotline on 020 8753 3849 to give your visitors free access. You can also arrange to have a family member, carer or friend book on your behalf.



View or download this step-by-step guide on how to use the RingGo app to give any vehicle access through the cameras:

RingGo How to guide 2024

Show your support for a CLEAN GREEN WBR

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Previous / Historic presentations

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WBRA Proposed ‘Couplet’ scheme

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Council arguments against Imperial Rd useage

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