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Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed this year’s Spring Fayre!

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Support a Clean Green WBR

The primary objective of the WBRA is to create a Clean, Green Wandsworth Bridge Road

  • Make WBR safe and pleasant for all those who live, work or visit this road
  • Prioritise pedestrians and cyclists over cars
  • Reduce traffic congestion and pollution
  • Help support the businesses
  • Create a thriving, welcoming destination high street at the heart of our community.

Our aim is to shift the Wandsworth Bridge Road from a car-dominated, congested, polluted through-route to one that puts people first.

We have been working closely with the LBHF traffic and planning officers on the Transformation of Wandsworth Bridge Road. We are thrilled that they fully back our High Streets for All proposals to help reshape this road.

The independent global planning engineers WSP have been commissioned by LBHF to help design and deliver the proposals. There will be further community engagement events presenting the specifics on how to deliver the vision for a Clean, Green WBR. Find out more and see the latest proposals see here.

WBR Transformation

Some of our other actions to-date include:

  • Reducing speed limit on WBR to 20mph
  • Ran 3x full-street closure events: WBRA Spring Fayre on the 15 May 2022, 21 May 2023 and 12 May 2024  – drawing 10,000, 14,000 visitors respectively (awaiting 2024 figures)
  • Campaigned and obtained for 2x OurBike e-cargo bikes on WBR to be used by the community and businesses
  • Live music weekends in Wandsworth Bridge Road restaurants and cafes in Autumn and Winter 2023
  • A Christmas 2022 Weekend event for the WBR businesses
  • Installed Christmas Lights on WBR (which continue)
  • Installed the first ever WBR Christmas Tree in 2022 and again in 2023
  • Additional Christmas tree at Stephendale juction 2023
  • Christmas Carol events in 2023
  • Created Maps / Guides booklets for businesses to share with their customers on how to access the WBR businesses either by driving, cycling, walking or public transport
  • Hosted several ‘Emergency to Emergence’ Community workshops and helped with the Climate Emergency Workshops
  • Commenced Concept Design with LBHF & WSP for full redesign of our civic space
  • Pollution Mitigation: persuaded LBHF to do nightly wash-down of the road to capture dust and pollution particulates.
  • Developed a new Business Network on the High Street, working with local business to discuss their concerns and aspirations
  • Created the ‘Fulham Past : Fulham Future’ Exhibition
  • Establishing good working relationships with other local community stakeholders
  • Working with local police in identifying speeding hot-spots
  • Campaigning for speed and ‘acoustic’ cameras to address nuisance

Over the past 2 years we have spent countless hours researching and reading scientific studies and data about how traffic works. The solutions to tackling traffic congestion are often counter-intuitive – for example why closing roads can actually help reduce traffic!

Please take some time to read the various articles below about everything we have been working on to fully understand the reasoning and objectives behind building a Clean, Green WBR.

Hazlebury Road 2024


LBHF / WSP redesign and vision for the future of Wandsworth Bridge Road – See the 2024 Interim Measures & longterm vision here

Work Begins graphic

Improvements to Wandsworth Bridge Road begin

Positive news about big improvements coming soon to WBR

Support a Clean Green WBR

A Cleaner, Greener future for Wandsworth Bridge Road. Plans and commitments



How Wandsworth Bridge Road can lead the way for the regeneration for London’s High Streets

Feedback Loop image


Why many of the traffic interventions of the past have simply made things worse in the long term.

Feedback Loop image


Surely closing all the roads to the West of WBR will make traffic on WBR worse, right?

Like what you see? Join the WBRA as a member now


The CAN is made permanent. What now for WBR?

The CAN is made permanent. What now for WBR?

On Monday 4h March 2023, the Cabinet of the council voted unanimously to make the camera scheme on the west side of WBR permanent. The scheme on the East was made permanent in Dec 2021. This post explains the key points that came out of the meeting and explains what next for WBR.

read more

A Collective of Residents & Businesses on Wandsworth Bridge Road

The Wandsworth Bridge Road Association works to promote improvements to the environment of the Wandsworth Bridge Road to improve air quality and quality of life for all in South Fulham.

If you would like to get involved to help create a Clean, Green, Thriving Wandsworth Bridge Road come and join the association.

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