A Collective of Residents & Businesses on Wandsworth Bridge Road

The Wandsworth Bridge Road Resident’s and Business Association is a means for those living and working on or near the Wandsworth Bridge Road to have a voice and become involved in local issues that affect their lives, well-being and businesses.


We are thrilled to announce that the London Mayor, London Assembly and LBHF have officially selected the WBRA’s ‘High Streets for All’ proposals for the Wandsworth Bridge Road and South Fulham for funding as an exemplary project!

What was the Challenge?

The London Mayor and London Assembly issued a challenge last Spring to communities across London to submit proposals in order to receive funding to help boost and regenerate key local High Street recoveries.

We are thrilled to say WBR is one!

Clean Green Poster

Have your say

If you haven’t answered the survey you can still tell us what you think here.

Support a Clean, Green WBR

The WBR is the heart of South Fulham, not just a thoroughfare. It “belongs” to the people of Fulham; to walk down, shop on, eat and chat, go to school, cycle to work. It does not “belong” to vehicles to simply drive through.

To help redefine the view of this road we are now distributing these posters to all the local shops and residents along the road. If you’d like to show support you can download this image to use on your social media or even print out to display in your windows.

Helps show support for a ‘Clean, Green WBR’. Read more

Clean Green Poster


A personal message from the founder:

Why I am supporting the western extension of the TCPR. Read here.

Volunteers needed for INHALE study

Volunteers needed for INHALE study

The Respiratory Research Unit at at the Royal Brompton Hospital are looking for volunteers to participate in a study on exposure to environmental pollution.

read more

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