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Thank you to everyone whose completed our survey so far for the ‘The High Streets for All Challenge’ .

What did people think? 

We asked our database of local residents and business owners to rate 18 ideas out of 5 stars, with 1 star = ‘I’m not interested in this‘ and 5 stars = ‘I absolutely love this idea!

Here are the results so far.

(Refer to full survey below for full descriptions)

  • DESIGNATED LOADING BAYS / TIMES – avg. 4.18 stars
  • COMMUNITY GARDENS – avg. 4.12 stars
  • GREEN ROOF BUS STOPS – avg. 4.01 stars
  • STREETSCAPE IMPROVEMENTS – avg. 4.00 stars
  • TREE PLANTING – avg. 3.96 stars
  • POP-UP SHOPS / STALLS – avg. 3.88 stars
  • FESTIVALS / MARKETS – avg. 3.84 stars
  • ARTS FAIRS / EXHIBITIONS – avg. 3.75 stars
  • MONTHLY ‘IDEAS’ FORUM / SYMPOSIUM – avg. 3.19 stars
  • CYCLE LANES – avg. 3.18 stars
  • COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD – avg. 3.16 stars
  • AMAZON LOCKERS / DELIVERY HUBS – avg. 2.99 stars
  • ‘CLICK-IT LOCAL’ – avg. 2.90 stars
  • ADDITIONAL CYCLE PARKING – avg. 2.80 stars
  • SHOP DIRECTORY MAP / GUIDE – avg. 2.70 stars

What did people say? 

We asked:

What missing services or types of businesses would help you to do the majority of your shopping and errands locally?” 

Common responses included:

  • Fishmonger (most mentioned)
  • Gift Shop
  • Cards & Stationery
  • Larger post office
  • Book shop
  • Clothing shop
  • Toy shop
  • Shoe shop
  • Fashion
  • Coffee shops at southern end
  • Homewares
  • Off-license
  • Pub
  • Garden Plants shop 
  • Shoe repair
  • Electrical 
  • Arts & Culture

“You need a cluster of relevant shops to unify the street. At present we have a smattering of good shops along the entire WBR and there is therefore no cohesion and no focal point. The traffic is also a nightmare that makes shopping relatively less pleasant than other areas of London.”

“I don’t have a car but this doesn’t stop me in visiting shops, restaurants…I wish only WBR to be safer and more walker-friendly.”

“It would be do much nicer sitting outside if there were much less traffic and pollution.”

“Restaurants, shops near the bridge area are not enough and quite poor quality.”

“Who would possibly want to walk or cycle up or down the Wandsworth Bridge Road or sit outside a restaurant with so much pollution?”

“Must ensure that the area is accessible for those with disability and children.”

“There is a good mix of shops/restaurants/cafes in the WBR but enjoying their facilities is ruined by too much traffic, noise and pollution.”

Other comments

A vast majority of the comments were about the traffic and congestion, with similar views that ‘if you sort the traffic, many of the other issues will be easier to fix.

Resident comments:

I fear the biggest impact on WBR is the traffic due to issues out of our control.”

“The street could be a much more desirable location which in turn would bring businesses to fill the empty units. I’d love to see lots more planting – seating areas, pop up shops to bring more people onto WBR.”

“Motorbikes without mufflers and ear shattering noise from sirens is affecting my health – can something be done to make them less anti-social? The speed limit should be reduced to 20 mph and we should have cameras to enforce that as is the case with lots of other main roads around here.”

Need to take traffic off WBR, it’s too congested and unhealthy for residents and businesses.”

“I love the idea of a festival along our road. Where all businesses come out and cafes can expand into the road. Dulwich do a Christmas market where each shop offers something different, e.g. mulled wine, tastings of baked goods….”

“A 20mph speed limit at all times”

“Speed cameras or something to enforce the zebra crossings, one example would be just the crossing just by Krystals, it is literally Russian roulette on whether cars, motorbikes etc will stop / the amount of times you see cars going at least 50pmh +”

“open up the pavement under trees to allow water to get to the roots of the trees and for wild plants to grow.”

“Ban on heavy lorries travelling up and down WBR.”

“WBR is very poor in terms of cycle lanes. The recent LTN’s have funnelled ALL the traffic down it, which seems odd considering it is essentially a shopping street with many independent restaurants.”

“A zebra crossing at the junction of Wandsworth bridge road & Carnwath road, this is a particularly dangerous crossing.”

“Make WBR one way (the contra flow could be directed to imperial road/Townmead road). With one lane for traffic … extend the footpath and add cycle lane.”

“Speed limit restrictions.”

“segregated cycling is a must if you want to encourage more people to ride bikes”

“Lower the speed limits … the speed that especially HGV’s are careering down the road makes the building shake.”

“Stop trucks and vans from stopping along the WBR.”

“WBR is drab and busy and there is no central hub as it too long.”

“Reduce anti-social noise from motorbikes and noisy cars, reduce HGVs, reduce congestion and through traffic waiting time.”

“Discouraging through traffic (ie non Fulham traffic ) in the area.”

“More zebra crossings.”

“More police representatives.”

“the most important thing to do on Wandsworth Bridge Road is to reduce the traffic congestion.”

“tax non LBHF or Wandsworth drivers crossing this bridge”

“to enable the WBR to be used safely by commuters, a cycle lane is essential.”

“I have a child that suffers from asthma and a greener, more beautiful WBR would make a positive difference to his health and well-being.”

“I have lived in Fulham for 36 years and always enjoyed shopping on WBR as it offered all kinds of shops but it is shadow of itself now and needs investment and a face lift.”

“We need to help these small businesses succeed by making this road more attractive to residents/shoppers.”

“Traffic free Sundays once a month from 10am – 4pm.”

“Re introduce 30 minute free parking for shoppers.”

“Wandsworth Bridge Road deserves this funding! With the closure of Hammersmith Bridge the pressure on the WBR has been immense; a hardship in pollution, noise and traffic for all the local residents … It’s surely one of the most busy in the whole of the Council.”

Business owner comments:

“Nowhere near enough foot traffic (of people taking a stroll). The neighbours have said they rarely come to the road at all unless it’s to go somewhere they already know.”

“Closing the road to traffic in one lane at least once a month for a market or exhibition would bring neighbours to discover the road.”

“Public transport connections, the road needs to be more desirable to make people want to visit it.”

The original Survey

Please refer to the original survey below to see what questions were asked. 


Streetscape Improvements

Improved street lighting, improved pavements, street recycling bins, etc

Shop Directory Map / Guide

Freestanding map directories of the shops and services on WBR.

Community Noticeboards

For locals to learn and share information with the community

Green-Roof Bus stops

Installing living, bee-friendly plants on all bus stop roofs to help absorb pollution.

Street Markets / Festivals

Annual or twice yearly street closures for Christmas Market or Summer Festival

Mini Parklets / Planters / Greenscreens

Tree and flower planters with wooden seating and cycle parking