Volunteer to help with
the 2024 WBR Spring Fayre

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We are looking for a large team of volunteers to help both before and on the day

There is a lot to do!  We are looking for volunteers to help in the weeks leading up to the Fayre to hang posters and banners as well as helping set-up on the day – Sunday 12th May



A few weeks before the event we have several banners, posters, flyers and bunting that need to be displayed throughout the area. This usually requires:

  • From 20th April: cable-tying posters to lamp columns and banners to fencing/railings
  • From 20th April: distributing posters and flyers to local businesses.
  • From w/c 22nd April: Hanging bunting along the WBR (with supervision by WBRA).


  • Saturday 11th May: Blowing up Balloons! Need dozens of balloons blown up ready to be displayed on Sunday

ON-THE-DAY SET UP – 7am to 9am

A whole team of volunteers needed to set up various equipment for the Fayre:

  • Arranging Picnic Benches into place and placing promotional materials on them
  • Moving Haybales into place
  • Installing the astro Turf for the Children’s Activity area
  • Tying balloons on road barriers and signage
  • Placing “How-to-get-here” posters in the surrounding area to help guide people from the tube Stations


  • be part of a litter-picking team for an hour
    Tidy-Up team: 5.00pm – 7.00 pm

ON-THE-DAY TIDY UP – 5pm to 7pm

Again teams needed to:

  • Move hay bales back to storage areas
  • Take up Astro Turf and take to storage
  • Take down posters and banners locally
  • Sweep and tidy the street.


If you can help in any way please fill in the form below and we will contact you to discuss.

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