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Moving Forward with the TCPR

Moving Forward with the TCPR

The update below comes following the latest developments with the South Fulham TCPR (Traffic Congestion and Pollution Reduction scheme) and its expansion to the west.

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The Traffic Congestion and Pollution Reduction Scheme (TCPR)

Feb 2022:
Latest update on the TCPR and its extension to the west of WBR

Over the last 18 months the WBRA have attended several meetings with LBHF traffic officers to better understand the schemes long-term objectives and to help shape the protections and improvements for WBR.

With the planned extension of the TCPR scheme to the west of WBR there will once again be a series of online meetings to help share information on the details of the scheme.

These meetings will be hosted by LBHF Traffic Officers to help explain their longterm plans and objectives. We strongly encourage everyone to attend these meetings. These form part of the official public consultation by LBHF. It is your chance to fully understand the details of the TCPR scheme, its objectives, ask your questions and share your thoughts.

We recommend reading our Q&As as to why we think the TCPR will help the Wandsworth Bridge Road. Please also see more TCPR related articles below

How to Join the Meetings

The Online Information Sessions will be held on:

Monday 21st Feb 2022 at 6pm
Wednesday 2nd March 2022 at 6pm
Monday 14th March 2022 at 6pm

More information and the links to join the meetings can be found on: TCPRwest.com

The Key Objectives of the TCPR include:

  • Reduce traffic across south Fulham
  • Make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Remove through traffic from side roads, stop rat running
  • Improve air quality, cut congestion
  • Enhance Wandsworth Bridge Road as a place to live, work and visit
  • Support local businesses
  • Ensure public transport runs smoothly

Short Term protections for Wandsworth Bridge Road

As proposed by LBHF traffic engineers (introduced prior to or simultaneously with the western extension as part of the experimental traffic order):

  1. 20mph speed limit on WBR – coming March 2022!
  2. Re-painting of road markings including all crossings.
  3. Greening of WBR by with Tree planting at key locations.
  4. Mini Parklets on specific adjoining side roads.

Long Term protections for the Wandsworth Bridge Road

In line with our High Streets for All proposals these include:

  1. How best to manage traffic volume coming onto WBR such as competing traffic lanes at New Kings Road junction and southern approach from Wandsworth Bridge to reduce capacity and traffic density.
  2. Additional pedestrian crossings.
  3. Improvement of cycling provisions along WBR.
  4. Cyclists crossing incorporated at pedestrian crossing at Hugon / Stephendale Road.
  5. Public realm improvements.

The Council presentation below is the last one from Feb 2021 

Once we have attended the meetings and obtained LBHF’s latest presentation we will post it here. 

LBHF WBR proposal 30 Nov image