We have been working closely with other local residents, businesses and other associations regarding the South Fulham ‘Traffic Congestion and Pollution Reduction’ scheme (TCPR) and have spent countless hours meeting and discussing the finer details with LBHF traffic engineers. It is our consensus that in order to solve the current issues we must move ‘forward’ collectively rather than ‘backward’.

We were invited to sign the joint letter below which was sent to LBHF Council as well as local councillors.

9 July 2021

Councillor Stephen Cowan
Councillor Wesley Harcourt
London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Council
Hammersmith Town Hall, King Street
W6 9JU

On behalf of the five largest residents’ associations in South Fulham, we would like to express our collective support for the extension of the Eastern Traffic, Congestion and Pollution Reduction scheme (“TCPR”) to the West of the Wandsworth Bridge Road (“WBR”) and the accompanying protections to the WBR.

Traffic, congestion, and pollution have been a major and intractable concern prior to the current Eastern TCPR.

The geographic constraints of South Fulham leave drivers few alternatives to cross the river
and have led to increased traffic congestion and pollution on both the WBR and the residential roads to the west. This has been exacerbated by Satnavs directing traffic onto all available roads and gridlock is now the norm.

The final approval and implementation of the current Eastern TCPR scheme itself is only half the plan; the Western extension and WBR protections will address many of the remaining issues to the west of WBR and on WBR itself.

Our resident associations understand that local constituents to the west of WBR and on WBR are now well aware of the potential benefits to be gained from the proposed TCPR Western extension and anxiously await its implementation. It is widely understood that this is due this summer and any further delay will not be well received by the local constituents.

The detrimental effects on the health and the quality of life of all residents in South Fulham and particularly on the WBR are unacceptable and must be urgently addressed. Central government recognises that air pollution and the climate emergency require urgent action from all parties.

Our five residents’ associations are now working in unison to address the dire traffic situation in South Fulham. This longstanding, intractable problem has been made worse by technology and requires a technological solution – that is what the TCPR provides.

We therefore urge the Cabinet to support the extension of the Eastern TCPR scheme to the West and embed the relevant WBR protections this summer.



Short Term protections for Wandsworth Bridge Road, as proposed by LBHF traffic engineers (introduced prior to or simultaneously with the western extension as part of the experimental traffic order):

  1. 20mph speed limit on WBR.
  2. Competing traffic lanes at New Kings Road junction and southern approach from Wandsworth Bridge to reduce capacity and traffic density on the WBR.
  3. Greenscreens and Planters at key locations along WBR.
  4. Mini Parklets on the adjoining side roads.
  5. Re-painting of road markings on the WBR to deter through-traffic.

Long Term protections for the Wandsworth Bridge Road (designed and submitted to TfL and other statutory bodies prior to/simultaneously the implementation of the western extension):

  1. Incorporation of ‘Bus Borders’ along WBR.
  2. Additional pedestrian crossings.
  3. Improvement of cycling provisions along WBR.