Wandsworth Bridge Works

Wandsworth Council have announced that they must undertake some major works on the Wandsworth Bridge. This will require the closure of the bridge to vehicles but it will remain open to pedestrians at all times.

Please read the LBHF announcement here.


While some works have already started, the closure to vehicles starts on Monday 24th July and is scheduled to last 10 weeks.

Crossing the bridge

Crossing the bridge will still be possible on foot. (Cyclists will have to push bikes). There will be two narrow footpaths on either side of the bridge with a one-way system for pedestrians. We have been told that there will be marshals on hand to manage this.

For more info please see the Wandsworth Council notice here.

Wandsworth Council also have this useful FAQ here:

Why is it being closed to vehicles?

The bridge needs to be hydraulically lifted in order to replace the bearings. This would not be possible if it still carries motor vehicles. And for this operation to be done with minimum risk to the structure the road surface also needs to be completely removed.

Why no cycling?

To undergo the works the footpaths will have to be very narrow (1.2m) so there is no safe option for cyclists to ride.

What does this mean for the WBR?

The road should certainly be quieter during the works and we are in discussion with the council to explore if we can exploit this pause and perhaps expand cafes and footways for the summer – as was done during Covid. That said the road remains open and will still be the main point of access for all side roads.

We are also concerned that a quiet road will encourage excess speed and are in discussion with the council about this too.

Getting around this Summer

What about buses?

TFL are putting in place diversions for the 295 & 28. We have no more information on this at the moment but will keep pushing for it and will share as soon as we know. We had proposed some form of mobility help for those who cannot walk across the bridge but Wandsworth council are concerned that there is not enough pedestrian space (we will keep working on this.)

Give cycling a try!

This summer will be the perfect time to try and cycle around South Fulham if you don’t already do so! You will be surprised how close other areas actually are:

From WBR, in less than 10 minutes, you can reach Bishops Park, Earls Court, Wandsworth Town & Putney Bridge and a 15 minute gentle bike ride gets you to Putney High street, Hammersmith, Sloane Square.

If you try one of the e-bikes you can reach even further distances much quicker. For example Clapham Common only takes 15 minutes! (Clapham Junction is even closer!)

Did you know?

That there is a lovely quiet route to get to WBR from Putney?

  • Turn left off the cycle lane on the bridge into Bishops Park,
  • then left again to go under the road via the tunnel. There is a cycle lane there that takes you to Ranelagh Gardens. (Putney Bridge tube).
  • Ranelagh Gardens has a modal filter (ie. bollards) for cars but not for bikes and you can cycle under the railway bridge,
  • turn left up Napier Avenue,
  • turn right onto Hurlingham Road,
    through Bell’s Alley,
  • cross Peterborough Road and turn left down Studdridge Street or Clancarty Road to the Wandsworth Bridge Road.

It’s only an 8 minute cycle according to Google Maps!

Putney Cycle ride