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  1. Ted Nist

    Open the Chelsea Harbour checkpoint to private cars!

    • Helena Lea

      To Open the Chelsea Harbour check point would help unbelievably and it was shocking that the council ever agreed to the developers insisting on it,
      Likewise LOTS Road

      • Toby Watt


  2. Cherry Trott

    More pedestrian only areas.
    More green spaces.
    I’m looking forward to the opening of the new community centre in South Park. I hope we can keep most of the walnut trees. The idea to make the small fenced garden into a produce growing space is good.

  3. GSF

    It’s also been suggested that if they really wanted to create proper ‘low traffic neighbourhoods’ they would actively discourage people who live in the LTN from using their cars. They said this could be by increasing the fees for parking permits substantially. I suppose the attitude is ‘if you want to live in an LTN then you should pay substantially more for your permit’ – it’s been suggested upwards of £1000 per year. Or changing much more depending on how polluting your car is. I suppose the whole point of a ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhood’ is to get people OUT of their cars, rather than encouraging them to use them more since the road are so empty now. If this were the case I wonder how many people would still want an LTN in their area.

    • S French

      Quite a lot I imagine not least because the majority of borough residents do not have a car and yet are subjected to the pollution, dirt, noise, danger and congestion they cause.

      • E Bolt

        Interesting point. Residents in the Sands End ward have one of the largest concentration of cars and vans in the entire borough. Along side the Parson’s Green and Walham Ward.

  4. William Corbally

    Extend the congestion charge to include this area,which is planned as is the emission charge,which is due next year and restrict all cars to 1day per week.

  5. John Regan

    I believe the scheme should have been applied in staggered stages and trailed to rush hours only 6.30 -9.30 am in the morning and 4pm -7pm for an initial trial period first. Then to reflect, assess, consider and consult before introducing the next stage. I believe to make it fair to all residents in the area the introduction of the scheme should be across both sides of the Wandsworthbridge Road as it appears that one side is always penalised more. You only have to compare the parking Zone it appears the more affluent side can park from Carnwarth Road right down to New Kings Road are in one zone and yet the other side of the Wandsworth Bridge Road zone Z can park from Townmead Road to Bovindingdon Road streets away from the New Kings Road.
    I suggested exploring the use of technology based around Harwood Terrace closure at a public council meeting chaired by Councillor Cassidy but it seems that council have took it to extremes rather than stages to monitor the effect.
    If there was to be anymore meetings regarding the traffic scheme or other matters relating to the Sands End ward I would like them to be at a venue within the Sands End area rather than at Hammersmith.
    The best form of transport at the moment because of pandemic is the car and that should be considered as your protecting both you and others in society more safely. London is a busy city with many opportunities and time is of the essence especially if you own a businessman and the most reliable form of transport is the car to ensure you can be at different places/meetings during the day over a large area.
    In regards to the scheme you need to use a computer to log in visitors that use a car and seems that if you have a more than one car visitor to your house the computer does not allow it. A family member registered a van she hired for the day and paid for parking going back and forth during that one day she did it numerous times. The company she rented the van from received parking notifications and then the council may of rescinded them however the hire company charged her £35 a time for an admin charge totalling £175. The council have a problem with the camera’s as it must be an automated system and doesn’t correspond to the payment computer system .
    It is a hassle to book a tradesman or a delivery as you need there registration number or they can deliver to you using a certain route but that entails them being stuck in the Wandsworthbridge Road grid lock to take advantage of that position. So some are more reluctant to come to your address.
    It is fortunate that visitors are limited because of the pandemic but having it 24 hours a day makes it unfair for family and friends that would like to visit when allowed. We have many old people living independently and in sheltered housing in Zone Z that would make it hassle for them to receive family and friends when it is allowed depending on the pandemic situation.
    The closure of the Hammersmith Bridge and work on both Wandsworth Bridge and the closure of Vauxhall Bridge all at the same time has been a disaster for people travelling no coordination or thought it just shows that the people in authority are out of touch with London life.
    Looking at other comments I’ve seen the council need to bare some responsibility for past decisions giving planning permission for a perimeter road to be built in Chelsea Harbour that that excludes at the minimum local residents access. I can understand they would not want the whole of London using it as a through road but local residents exploring the use of technology it could done. The council has made millions from parking and they could have compulsory purchased the road if the Harbour would not negotiate.
    The planters put in front of the Harwood Terrace bollards the one nearest the pavement impedes cars going through the barrier and should be moved so its in line with the kerb.
    Finally Fulham is part of inner London one of the biggest and densely populated cities in Europe it already has many parks and green spaces in comparison to neighbouring boroughs. It is the capital of England you can’t turn it into some chocolate box village settings that is in Kent or Sussex.

  6. NPG

    Expand the LTN to the west of WBR. Close all the rat runs permanently on the east and west. Reduce roads capacity adding protected cycle lanes. We need less roads available for cars which leads to less cars on the roads which leads to less pollution.

    • John Regan

      I believe there should be a level playing field once bicycles are taxed, insured and contribute to the road network. Also once they passed a compulsory hazard perception test and a cycle proficiency test then they can have an opinion in regards to road network system that is currently paid for by the motorists.

      • Toby Watt

        Bicycles are not the reason a road network exists.

  7. Charlie

    I suggest extending the scheme to the west to help prevent rat running there too. An even better solution would be modal filters closing roads to through traffic rather than a complex camera system that imo is not needed in a proper LTN


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