The council have just announced this initiative and we didn’t want you to miss this great news!

Ever thought about getting a Cargo Bike for the family but not sure where to store it?

The council have just announced that they are hoping to install a few E-Cargo Bike Hangars in the borough in the next few months.

We know that bike storage is a major hurdle for families, even more so for cumbersome (but super practical, efficient, and amazing) Cargo Bikes.


Apply for a Cargobike hangar here:

Please email giving your name, address & postcode.

cc us too at and we will collate all the requests from Fulham.

If you know of any families in your street, at your school who have cargo-bikes share this message.

E-cargo bikes have been described by sociologists as the revolutionary tool that will save our cities. Be part of the solution!

Normal cycle hangers

We are thrilled to see that H&F have installed the first of many secure Cycle Hangars on Oakbury Road with more coming soon!

H&F have agreed to roll out 500 cycle hangars across the borough starting in South Fulham!

If you would like to apply for a space please see: Spaces are £72 per year.

To find out where all the existing cycle hangars are please see here.

Request a new Hangar!

LBHF are also asking residents to tell them where we would like more bike parking (Sheffield stands) as well as other cycle infrastructure.

You can use the interactive map to mark up where you would like bike storage, bike parking stands, etc. You can read more about this here and how to use it:

Bike hangar Oakbury Road

New Cycle Hangar on Oakbury Road