Fulham Past : Fulham Future

An exhibition prepared for the Wandsworth Bridge Road Spring Fayre – 15th May, 2022

Take a step back in time, to South Fulham 100 years ago. The plane trees were in their infancy, the roads appear wide and grand and the Wandsworth Bridge Road is a bustling thriving high-street! Ivy hangs luxuriously down from balconies, front gardens are full of hedges and the road has it’s own cinema, library, pubs & public baths.

Take a step into the future: local artists, residents and businesses have imagined different innovative ideas for the sharing of our civic space. Visions that encompass and encourage a bustling, thriving but also clean and green Wandsworth Bridge Road.

We invite you to share your ideas too – by joining us at one of our Co-Creation Workshops.

The future is in our hands; can we create a city for people; with clean air, safe cycling, public transport, local amenities, and a flourishing community?

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