As a resident of the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham you can give any vehicle free access through the CAN cameras, even if you don’t own a car!

Did you know that even while you’re sitting in the back seat you can give your Uber driver (or any ride) free access through the CAN cameras so they can drop you right outside your front door?

While it’s worth remembering these drivers can already reach any property in the South Fulham area without crossing a camera, this is added reassurance for them that they can follow your desired route home.

  • Either show your driver the maps below of where the cameras are
  • or ring the dedicated 7-day hotline* on 020 8753 3849 to register their vehicle through the cameras
  • or just pop the car’s reg into your RingGo App:
    • then show the driver the confirmation
    • and reassure them they can pass through the area without risk of fines for the rest of the day until midnight!
      (a surefire way to get a 5-Star rating!)

To use the RingGo App simply follow our step-by-step guide below; from first registering for a Visitor’s Permit on the Council’s website, to how to use the RingGo app itself.

Show your driver the maps with the camera locations

CAN map east of WBR

Hotline to book in visitors without using the App

The simplest and fastest way to book visitor access is through the RingGo App.

However, some residents don’t use apps or the internet, so LBHF have set up a dedicated seven-day hotline on 020 8753 3849 to give your visitors free access. You can also arrange to have a family member, carer or friend book on your behalf.

How to register a vehicle through the CAN cameras (without parking) using the RingGo app


First you need to register for a Visitor’s Permit on the LBHF website. Any resident of the borough can do this even if you don’t own a car.

Note: While you are allowed only one permit per household this does not prevent other in your household from logging in to the same RingGo account from their own devices. This allows each of you to register vehicles when needed.   

This visitor permit also allows your visitors to park at a reduced rate.

Visitors Permit ringgo
RingGo logo


Login or create an account with RingGo.


Download the RingGo App to your phone

Download the RingGo App here:

Visitors Permit ringgo

Using the RingGo App

Once your Visitor Permit is approved by the council it will automatically appear in your RingGo App when you log in.

1. Open the RingGo app on your device

2. Click on ‘Permits

Here you will see your Visitor’s Permit.

3. Click on the grey ‘Resident Visitor’ area

Visitors Permit ringgo

4. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click ‘Next
RingGo How to guide step 4
RingGo How to guide step4-5

 Choose a Vehicle / Add new

Here you will see any vehicles you have previously registered or paid parking for.

You can also add a new vehicle by clicking the ‘Add’ button at the bottom of the list (or from the top right corner).

5. Either choose an existing vehicle or click ‘Add vehicle’ to enter a new one.

Ringgo guide step6

Entre the Vehicle Reg

6. If you chose to register a new vehicle enter their Reg in the yellow box here.

7. You can also add an optional nickname to the vehicle so it’s easier to recognise in the future, e.g. Builder Bob.

Once you’ve entered their details click ‘Next

Ringgo guide step7

Camera Access Only

Here you have a choice to either pay for parking for your visitor or you can simply grant them access through the cameras for the day.


8. For Camera Access only choose the ‘CLEAN Access’ (2nd option in the list).

9. Click ‘Next

Note: choosing the ‘CLEAN Access’ option does NOT include parking, only camera access for the day up until midnight.

RingGo How to guide step 8

Remove Text message reminders

If you want to receive text message reminders you can slide the toggle on. This might be useful if your visitor has actually parked their car and you want a reminder to extend the session. HOWEVER, this will charge you 20p per text.

If you simply want to register a vehicle access through the cameras for free, without parking, toggle this off. 

10. Click ‘Next

RingGo How to guide step 9

Check the details

You will notice the ‘Start’ and ‘End’ times indicate the session is only one minute. This is because RingGo limits you to one ‘active’ parking session at a time.

This is deliberate to allow you to register multiple vehicles at any time.

Rest assured your visitor has until midnight to pass through any of the cameras.

11. Check all the details are correct and click ‘Park

Note: even though you are only giving Camera access, this button will still say ‘Park’ due to the RingGo default settings. Note: the ‘Clean Access’ only option does NOT include parking.

RingGo How to guide step 10


You will then see the confirmation screen.

Even though it says ‘Payment successful’ you have not been charged.

You can see the booking by clicking ‘View session

RingGo How to guide step 11

View Session

If you view the session within the first minute you will see this screen.

Even though it says the session ends in 60 seconds your visitor has access through any of the cameras up until midnight on the same day.

Again, the reason it shows the session as only 60 seconds is because RingGo limits you to one ‘active’ parking session at a time. So this is deliberate to allow you to register multiple vehicles at any time.

RingGo How to guide step 12

View previous session

Once the 60 seconds has passed the session will appear under your ‘History’ tab at the top.

Here you will see a record of all previous sessions for both ‘Clean Access’ only as well as any actual parking sessions you have registered for your visitors.

This is handy for your regular visits by family, friends or tradespeople. Click on any of them from the list to quickly book them again.

RingGo How to guide step final

We hope this guide is helpful. To find out more about the LBHF Visitor permits please visit their website here:

To learn more about the Clean Air Neighbourhood scheme please visit their website here:


View or download the PDF step-by-step guide:

RingGo How to guide 2024

*Correction; this article was updated on 26 Feb at 18:00 to state the hotline is a “dedicated 7-day hotline”, not “24/7”.