A Collective of Residents & Businesses on Wandsworth Bridge Road

The Wandsworth Bridge Road Resident’s and Business Association is a means for those living and working on or near the Wandsworth Bridge Road to have a voice and become involved in local issues that affect their lives, well-being and businesses.

Wandsworth Bridge Road Spring Fayre
Wandsworth bridge Road Spring Fayre


How Wandsworth Bridge Road can lead the way for the regeneration for London’s High Streets

We are thrilled to announce that the London Mayor, London Assembly and LBHF have officially selected the WBRA’s ‘High Streets for All’ proposals for the Wandsworth Bridge Road and South Fulham for funding as an exemplary project!

Some of the plans

  • A Cleaner and Greener Road
  • A Thriving Community for Everyone
  • Street Markets, Festivals and more
Clean Green Poster

Find out how YOU can take part and help co-create the future you want to see.
Join the Emergency to Emergence Workshop

Supported By Mayor Of London and LEAP

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