Play the game 28 Feb – 10 Apr 2024

Beat the Street game in action

What is Beat the Street?

Beat the Street is a free, fun initiative that will see Hammersmith & Fulham transformed into a giant game!

See how far you can walk, cycle, run, scoot and wheel in just 6 weeks. There are great challenges to enjoy and prizes up for grabs!

The game will start on Wednesday 28th February 2024 and end on Wednesday 10th April 2024.

How to play Beat the Street:

What is it?

Beat the Street is a real life walking, cycling and wheeling game for a whole community, which runs from Wednesday 28th February 2024 – Wednesday 10th April 2024.

Beat the Street is being delivered by Intelligent Health in partnership with Hammersmith & Fulham Council. It is funded by Hammersmith & Fulham Council and the National Lottery via Sport England.

Played outdoors in the local community, Beat the Street is the perfect way to get you and your family back into action, out of the house, having fun and exercising together.

Collect Points

Players collect points by visiting different locations on the map while travelling around the area.

Players can walk, cycle, scoot, run or wheel. Collect as many points as possible by visiting Beat Boxes across Hammersmith & Fulham. Check out the map to see where you can play!

There are fantastic prizes on offer for individuals and teams on our leaderboards for schools and community & workplaces! School teams are able to win hundreds of pounds of sport or book vouchers on each leaderboard while community and workplace will be eligible to win hundreds of pounds worth of sports and fitness vouchers.

Ways to play

You can play in one of two ways:

1. By using a Beat the Street game card at physical Beat Boxes fixed to lampposts across your area. Adults and children can both play this way.

If you’re in South Fulham you can collect a Game Card from Sands End Arts and Community Centre (SEACC) in South Park. Or see the full list of venues accross the borough here:

Where can I pick up a card?

Beat the Street is a game for all ages and anyone can take part. You can pick up a card from your local distribution point from 22 February. Check the list below to find your nearest:

  • Hammersmith Library, W6 7AT
  • Edward Woods Community Centre, W11 4TX
  • The Masbro Centre, W14 0LR
  • Phoenix Fitness Centre and Janet Adegoke, W12 7DB
  • Fulham Library, SW6 5NX
  • Lillie Road Fitness Centre, SW6 7PT
  • Community Hub – Earls Court Development Company W14 9NF
  • Sand End Arts & Community Centre, SW6 3EZ
  • Irish Cultural Centre, W6 9DT
  • Fulham Football Club, SW6 6HH
  • Shepherd’s Bush Library, W12 7BF
  • Chelsea Football Club, SW6 1HS
  • Queen Park Rangers Football Club, W12 7PJ

For the most up-to-date locations of distribution points, please refer to the online map – click here to view.


Or 2. By downloading our Beat the Street App. Players 13+ can download the app and collect points at virtual Beat Boxes across the area (located in the same position as physical Beat Boxes).

Download the app here:


How to get started

First step is to register for your account. See link below.

When you complete they personal information survey you will also earn a bonus 100 points!

Join a Team

You can play as an individual or as part of team. We HIGHLY recommend you play as a team! Not only is it more fun but you are more likely to win if you play as a team as your group’s points will add up much quicker!

You can join an existing team or create your own. Most schools have already registered their teams and as parents you can join their teams to help their school.

Or why not create a team for your workplace, or a community group or even for your group of friends?

The WBRA even has it’s own team! If you’d like to join our team simply choose it from the dropdown list of teams! We’d love to have you. Please note, if we were to win (ehem!) we would donate any prizes to local charities or community groups.

Why play Beat the Street?

Beat the Street makes 3 step changes:

  • For the environment: Reducing an area’s carbon footprint. In 2022 and 2023, Beat the Street players travelled approximately 2.7 million miles – that’s 5.6 times to the moon and back! That’s carbon saving of 712.20 tonnes of CO2 if those journeys had been taken by car.
  • For our health: Being active is good for our mental and physical health and every step counts. Walking boosts mood, health and immunity even reducing susceptibility to viruses including COVID-19. Adults are recommended to do 150 minutes a week.
  • For our community: Being part of a community improves wellbeing, increases feelings of safety and reduces isolation. People who play Beat the Street say it helps them learn more about where they live and connect with other residents.